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31 July, 2015

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Cube Escape Case 23

In Cube Escape: Case 23 you need to investigate the mysterious death of a woman. Collect all the evidence and discover the gateway to Rusty Lake. Cube Escape: Case 23 is the fifth episode of the Cube Escape series and the story of Rusty Lake. We will unfold Rusty Lakes one step at a time. So check RustyLake.com every day for new content!


  • Point and click Detective
  • 3D elements
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Free to play


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  • "On retrouve cette cabane dans le dernier épisode en date, Cube Escape: Case 23. Et aussi le téléphone qui fait peur. Le corbeau. Notre cactus préféré. Des insectes, des yeux, un vieux monsieur chapeauté, des animations toujours aussi surréalistes et les ombres surgissant à la fenêtre pour nous faire sursauter. Si l’on n’est pas sûr d’avoir vraiment progressé dans la compréhension du scénario, l’ambiance est en tout cas de plus en plus léchée. Et pour ne rien gâcher, Case 23 est très long. Dans les trois premiers chapitres, il s’agit d’explorer les lieux de fond en comble et en dévoiler tous leurs secrets. Dans le dernier, enfin, on revient aux fondamentaux du genre Escape et l’on prend les jambes à son cou. Pfiou ! On n’en sort pas indemne. "
    - Camille Gévaudan, Liberation.fr
  • "Which isn't to say Case 23 is without its good, old-fashioned detective work, but others feel more like they're solved simply by running through your options more than any sort of logical reasoning process, and the pictures in chapter three are a little bland by comparison. Figuring out what you're supposed to do in a game when you haven't been given any instruction is always satisfying, but when you get stuck in Case 23, you can get stuck hard, particularly when it comes to some fussy clicking to interact with certain things. Despite all that, Cube Escape: 23 is still an appealingly macabre and otherworldly experience, one where you can feel that the creators have taken pains to put meaning in every aspect of its construction, and certain pop culture influences will be even more obvious this time. And it's a lot of construction, too, since, like Cube Escape: Seasons, Case 23 is a pretty big game, and an extremely creative one at that, packed to the gills with all kids of puzzles and surprises. Rusty Lake continues to dazzle and disturb in the best possible ways, and while you won't get all your answers here, and we're really hoping they can pull it all together at the end, you'll be waiting for the next installment to come in a big way."
    - Dora, JayIsGames
  • " I stumbled across this series while searching for escape games and have been hooked! They are creative, challenging, and beautifully made. Please keep them coming! "
    - cathompson0525 , Apple App Store

Kevin MacLeod
We use awesome music from Kevin MacLeod. .

About Rusty Lake

Rusty Lake is both the name of our indie game studio and the eerie and surrealistic world we have created. We are the creators of the praised Cube Escape series and the premium point-and-click adventures Rusty Lake Hotel, Rusty Lake: Roots and Rusty Lake Paradise!

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Rusty Lake
Developer and publisher

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