Rusty Lake
Based in Amsterdam

Release date:
January 11th 2018

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Rusty Lake Paradise

Jakob Eilander, the oldest son of the family, is returning to Paradise island after his mother passed away. Since her mysterious death the island seems to be cursed by ten plagues. Find the mother's hidden memories and partake in strange family rituals in order to stop the plagues. Rusty Lake Paradise is the third premium point-and-click adventure by Rusty Lake, the creators of the Cube Escape series, Rusty Lake Hotel and Rusty Lake: Roots.


  • Pick-up-and-play: easy to start but hard to put down
  • Unique storyline: the first adventure game that is based around the ten plagues of Egypt
  • An unforgettable puzzle experience: each plague brings his own atmosphere, suspense and a variety of Rusty Lake brain teasers
  • Atmospheric graphics: the pastel background paintings are handmade by Dutch painter Johan Scherft
  • Immersive soundtrack: each plague has its own theme song and variations
  • Achievements: the island has more secrets to unravel
  • Supporting 14 languages


Official trailer YouTube

Teaser trailer YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie MINIBOOTH selection" PAX East, Seattle, USA, September 2017
  • "Indie Game Expo selection" RESPAWN @ devcom, Cologne, Germany, August 2017
  • "INDIGO selection" Dutch Game Garden, Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 2017


  • " Wot I Think: The bloody creepy Rusty Lake Paradise"
    - John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • " Rusty Lake Paradise Is My Kind Of Creepy"
    - Mike Fahey, Kotaku
  • " Rusty Lake Paradise Continues The Outstanding Surreal Adventure Series"
    - Andrew Fretz, AppAdvice
  • " 'Rusty Lake Paradise' Review - Where Everyone Knows Everyone and Nothing is What it Seems"
    - Andrew Fretz, TouchArcade
  • " Rusty Lake Paradise trailer teases a weird adventure about the Plagues of Egypt and your mom"
    - Andy Chalk, PC Gamer
  • " The point and click adventure Rusty Lake Paradise will feature slightly different gameplay mechanics"
    - Emily Sowden, PocketGamer
  • " 'Rusty Lake Paradise is the Next Premium Entry in the Wonderfully Unsettling Series"
    - Jillian Werner, GameZebo
  • " INDIGO 2017: RUSTY LAKE"
    - Diana Dumee, DumeeGamer

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Victor Butzelaar
Victor designed the atmospheric and suspense soundtrack .

Johan Scherft
Johan made the beautiful pastel painting of Rusty Lake .

Bob Rafferty
Voice-over .

About Rusty Lake

Rusty Lake is both the name of our indie game studio and the eerie and surrealistic world we have created. We are the creators of the praised Cube Escape series and the premium point-and-click adventures Rusty Lake Hotel, Rusty Lake: Roots and Rusty Lake Paradise!

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Rusty Lake Paradise Credits

Rusty Lake
Developer and publisher

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