Rusty Lake
Based in Amsterdam

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25 June, 2015

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Cube Escape Harvey's Box

It's 1969 and Harvey is trapped inside a box moving to Rusty Lake...Find out what's going on and help Harvey escape by solving numerous of puzzles.


  • Unique puzzles
  • 3D cube effect
  • Full of mystery and suspense
  • Free to play


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  • "Cube Escape has become one of those series you know you can count on to unnerve and challenge you, and Harvey's Box continues that tradition by incorporating some striking imagery and unusual puzzles. While some objects you'll pick up have obvious uses, others are a lot more obscure, and as a result, some challenges are more intuitive than others. Harvey's Box doesn't make the mistake of hiding items in tiny hotspots the way its predecessors did, however, so after some experimenting, you'll have most everything you need to escape laid out in front of you, and all that's left is figuring out how to make it all work together. The ending is abrupt and startling, designed to make you jump, and "winning" is more mystifying than anything else... players hoping for answers to everything the series has set up are going to have to keep hoping. But Rusty Lake has been releasing these games at a solid clip, and, with their by-now signature striking visual style and atmosphere, crafting a story and world that's unfolding piece by piece. Come on, you want to know... what's in the booooooooooox?!"
    - Dora, JayIsGames
  • "All of the games from this developer are amazing. They are profound in a way I never would expect from an escape game. Check them out. They seem to be doing something I have not encountered before. Each game builds on a larger story that unfolds over time so each individual game provides you a new piece of the puzzle. Wow. "
    - Branman99 , Apple App Store

Kevin MacLeod
We use awesome music from Kevin MacLeod. .

About Rusty Lake

Rusty Lake is both the name of our indie game studio and the eerie and surrealistic world we have created. We are the creators of the praised Cube Escape series and the premium point-and-click adventures Rusty Lake Hotel, Rusty Lake: Roots and Rusty Lake Paradise!

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Cube Escape Harvey's Box Credits

Rusty Lake
Developer and publisher

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